August 11, 2004

Cupboard Mark II

[06:16 PM]

It was a public holiday today, so I celebrated by making Roll Around Cupboard Mark II. This time it will be short enough to put the grinder on top of, so I hope it’s sturdy enough.

I knocked this one up out of 12mm MDF, using 900×450mm sheets for the sides and door. I fitted it together using grooves and rabbets and lots of screws, and was reasonably happy with the stability of the cupboard. Out of paranoia, though, I’ve screwed wooden blocks in each corner as additional bracing, and screwed in a shelf (the shelf is screwed to battens, which are screwed to the sides).

All it needs now is a coat of paint and a grinder bolted on. It was certainly very quick to make up this way, but a little more pricey than I hoped for. What I might do for Mark III is go back to the idea of a pine frame with MDF sides, but this time simply screw/nail the MDF panels on the outside of the frame to keep the overall dimensions down.

On a slightly different matter, it was my birthday a couple of days ago. Two presents for me. First up, Googlism is almost exactly right about me. You just need to figure out which one of the statements is correct. Second, even though it’s dreadfully un-hip and un-cool, I love the Andrew Lloyd Webber “Phantom of the Opera”. Now I find that Joel Schumacher has filmed it. How many sleeps until christmas?