March 05, 2006

One More Cup Of Coffee

[11:11 AM]

There have been no updates for weeks for a variety of reasons. In part, work pressures, in other part, my attention has been elsewhere, but in the main, because my Mac and I have both been away for a little while.

In my case it was only a week in Sydney for another group hug, and the first of a rolling series of training courses. In the case of the Mac… well, read on.

The problem arose several weeks ago when it was a hot day. I’d had the Mac going all day (it’s a now-elderly Quicksilver G4) and put it to sleep over dinner. When I came back it wouldn’t wake up. Now, I assumed straight away that it was a heat problem, so I didn’t panic. I had backups, and my loss would be negligble, other than being a pain in the neck. So I just left it sit for a while to cool down. Next day, it still wouldn’t boot up. I trotted off to work, cursing, and googled various resources and ideas.

That evening, I applied some of those ideas - in particular intterupting the boot sequence to go to the Open Firmware console. I was able, from their, to verify that the G4 itself was working, and the controllers were working, and in short everything was working other than the disk. Damn. Was the disk fried? Maybe. Was it just gummed up from the heat? Maybe. So, a few days later I was able to trot it in for repairs… to discover there would be a minimum of 7 days before they could even look at it, let alone do something with it. 7 days later… the problem had gone away and it booted fine. All they needed to do was vacuum out approximately 28kg of dust and cat hair, leave it sit around, chilling out, in air conditioning and the problem went away.

I picked it up yesterday, and have spent the intervening time doing backups, and synchronising all my stuff from the work laptop back to the G4, using the time as an opportunity to do various clean up. What I’ve decided I need to do is make sure essentially all non-work stuff is on the G4, only, or at most the laptop is for backups. Similarly I will try to push the work stuff back off the G4 (although it’s handy to run up JBoss on the G4 for testing)

All of which leads me to the news that in the middle of all of this I finally bought a digital camera, and have set up a flickr account

I won’t be pushing all photos in there, but it’s handy for hosting photos that I can link to from here, with magic clickability, and optional sizing and all sorts of techo goodness.

One More Cup of Coffee

Leopard Kitty

Be warned: this may result in a daily series of Kitten Photo Of The Day…