Sep 29 2010

Boren Coren


I’m going to join in the chorus: this year’s Brewfest boss, Coren Direbrew, is badly broken. Click, queued in the LFG, wait a few seconds (for a healer, that is), blip into the instance, 15 seconds later collect the frost badges and loot. I don’t bother to throw down buffs or even heal.

I’m guessing that the designers and developers are just full throttle on the 4.0.x releases, and they are so close to dropping that it just wasn’t worth updating. And the bright side was that all the free frost badges got Belmann his fourth Tier 10 piece – the closest I’ve ever had a character to having a complete set. Combined with some nice drops from ICC, he’s looking quite fine.

I have an uneasy relationship with GearScore. It is widely misused. On the other hand I installed it so I could see the number by which others were measuring me, and found it a handy tool for PUG heroics. I wave my cursor over the other four at the start to gauge how the run will go – if the tank show up well geared he or she is probably experienced enough to make a smooth run. If someone shows low, they’re probably a new 80 that doesn’t know the fights (I do wish that you could not queue for a heroic instance if you have not done the normal version). All of which is an aside: it was gratifying to see the magic number finally tick over 5600, even before I finish enchanting, gemming, detailing, folding and spindling the new stuff.

Pictures to follow – that’s one evil looking dwarf priest.