Dec 25 2014

There…And back again.


Seeing the coverage of the latest expansion – Warlords of the Drain, I think it’s called? – has lured me back. I’ve signed back up for three months and will see how it goes. I’ve not purchased the expansion yet (as I knew I was going on holidays for a week) but instead have just taken characters for a walk around to stretch their legs and see if I remembered how to do things. The UI changes took me somewhat by surprise, and I’m still trying to work out which abilities and spells have changed (or gone away entirely, whatever happened to Greater Heal?) What’s going to be equally interesting is deciding what add-ons are no longer needed, or what better versions have been developed.

I’ve not yet done any instances, so can’t judge whether the player base has changed much. It’s also a little skewed, as my characters are still on the same server, which has most of it’s player base in Australia and time-shifted by ten hours. I’ve thus found most of the world mostly deserted as I’ve been playing.

I’m in two minds about shifting to an EU server though. To begin with moving everyone will be quite expensive – I haven’t worked it out, but the phrase “prohibitive” springs to mind – but also the guild (Selected) is still there. On the other hand, if I move to EU, there’s a chance of finding like-minded folk. Also, my partner has hinted that with the jump-to-90 available, she might play.