Jan 4 2015

Pandas. Why did it have to be Pandas?


I’ve taken Belmann into the new content, which I’m enjoying, but also have decided to try to bring all the others (or most) to Level 90 and take them through in parallel. This has meant that I’ve run 4 characters in the last week through to Level 90 by ripping through Pandaren content and dungeons. And by content I mean “the first zone”. This has highlighted something for me that seems mercifully to be missing from Warlords – interminable frequent cutscenes and scripted content. Maybe it’s just the starting area for Panda-land, but after the second showing of each of the unskippable cut-scenes and scripted events, the novelty wears very thin.

Most of the characters were in the mid-80s anyway, so it’s not taken too long for each, but I do have some lower level characters that will be an interesting challenge to bring up quickly. If I can unlock the dungeons, and put up with PUGs, then it’s likely that hammering through endless instances will be the quickest option.