More spam


In fact, lots of spam. Picture spam from me to follow, but I’m also wondering why the sudden influx of spam to the site? Have I been linked to and disseminated, and thus become visible to the evil bots? Fortunately it all seems to have been caught and identified without any false positives. Small blessings.

Anyway, again with the array of picture spam for my amusement and hopefully yours.Belmann's new hat

To start with, the bad hat I mentioned that Belmann currently has for his shadow spec. The recent forays into ICC have been fruitful not only in seeing some new content, but also picking up some nice loot – I hope I can find links to them and remember the names, because I logged him out in his tuxedo, and so cannot look them up via the armory. To begin with, he’s now got 4 out of 5 pieces of his Tier 10 gear, which is the first time I’ve ever gotten a character this close to a full tier set. With 60-odd days left before Cataclysm I’m hopeful to get the last piece in time to see it all devalued by green world drops in the first week of the new release. The new hat is the Cowl of Malefic Repose from the Blood Queen, and is delightfully silly. I particularly like the fact that when he’s in shadow form, the teeth on the front shine quite brightly white, leaving him look like an evil Cheshire cat.

If I remember rightly the dagger he picked up was the heroic version of Heartpierce off Lady Deathwhisper, who gets my vote as Boss Most In Need of Being Told To Just Shut Up And Get On With It. That woman talks endlessly. Anyway, it finally leaves Belmann looking like he should – evil and slightly annoyed.

Speaking of bad hats, though, I loved the look of Macmorris on a chopper in a quick guild run of the weekly into Ulduar. He looks right on it in a way that Belmann never did – maybe it’s the great thatch of bright orange beard. All I know is that when, or if, I get around to getting a ‘hog mount, I think Macmorris deserves it.

The last bit of spam though… the Pink Gnome Affair.

Last Saturday some bored and lonely souls in the Guild decided that the best way to spend the evening was by rolling level 1 gnomes with pink hair, dressing them in bright pink tabards, and descending en masse on Ironforge, Stormwind and Dalaran (with the aid of some higher level toons) to create bewilderment and havoc. We started in Ironforge and gathered on the Auction House steps to dance, then began a game of mobbing anyone who reacted negatively and jumping up and down. This quickly evolved into us asking “are you my mommy / daddy?” and such like – creating a meta-game for ourselves where we won if the victimised player played along… or as happened in a few cases logged off in disgust. My hat is off in particular to the player who logged off and logged in his bank alt, a gnome dressed in a pimp outfit. It was a very disturbing sight. Also kudos to the player who dropped a train set for us to play with.

When we got bored with Ironforge we took the tram and did much the same in Stormwind, first stopping in the big empty hall in the back quarter of the Dwarf sector (and I do wonder what is in store for that in Cataclysm) to play with foam swords and beat up a pinata. After Stormwind we ported, four at a time, to Dalaran and bought out the foam swords again – there would have easily been 40 or 50 other players joined in before I had to log off and leave them to it. All in all a great success.

Full size versions of these are available: