Easy Mode when you don’t need it


As I mentioned, I’ve taken my two mid-level dwarfs into Outlands, and let them sit for a few weeks without touching them much. I will try to keep them at about the same level, for no readily apparent reason.  And there is a reason for writing about two toons that I’m not doing much with: a renewed commitment to myself to write more frequently.

A few times recently I’ve spoken of hunters as “easy mode for people who don’t need easy mode”, and my experiences today with Glymly bear that out. Do you see what I did there? “Bear” it out? Because the favoured pet for solo PVE content is the big black bear, Cuddles? It was a pune, or play on words?

Never mind.

I spent about half an hour with Glymly while I finished my coffee before going to work this morning, for the first time in weeks, and really for the first time in Outlands. Now Hellfire Peninsula would have to be very low on any list of anyone’s favourite zones, and my memories of it the first three times through were that it was pretty dismal. I went through it first with my badly specced, under-geared rogue, and spent an inordinate amount of timed stealthed and sneaking around trying not to get eaten by those maddening boars. It was the first zone where virtually all groups of mobs were linked, and as a rogue it was a nightmare – sap one mob, stab another, beat it down and vanish, then sit around for several minutes waiting to heal and for the vanish cool down to finish. It was grindingly slow and horrible. Going through with Belmann as a Shadow Priest was a bit easier because he was better tuned and equipped, and could resort to bubbling and madly healing, but it was slow. By the time I went through it with the third toon, Morkhaeus the fire mage, I vowed to never do it again.

Mork had a slightly easier time because he had some heirloom gear, and still had a viable AOE attack that would knock mobs back, but still, I got out of there as quickly as I could. As I did when I broke the vow and briefly visited with Macmorris the DK. In each case I did enough of the zone to get breadcrumbed along to the next zone, and made no attempt to “finish” the zones.

So it was surprising how easy Glymly is finding the experience, going through the PVE quests like a Tauren in a china shop. Yes, he’s got several heirloom pieces that are pretty well best in slot, but it’s amazing what can be done with the bear tank. Quite regularly while finishing the quests involving the maddening groups of linked orcs, I was doing these mad chain pulls running for several minutes, with five, six, seven mobs one after the other being aggrod and beaten down. Stupidly easy.

But not straight away. When I first picked up the reins again, both Cuddles and Glymly died three or four times in a row.

And there’s the tricky part. Yes, I think Hunters are Easy Mode. But only if you have a pretty good grasp of the game mechanics. If you don’t understand threat, if you don’t understand how to get and keep the mobs’ attention, if you don’t watch the threat meters and health, if you don’t keep a pretty steady stream of DPS while also healing the pet and using the pet’s special abilities when they come up – you die. There’s a lot to keep track of, and a lot to balance.

But man, it’s fun.