It came from the pug


I’m sitting outside my office building waiting to get back in after a fire alarm, so thought I’d relate something you don’t want to hear in a pug.

Belmann was off in the wilds, in shadow spec, pursuing low level quests, and so queued for a random heroic as DPS. When it popped he looked around and saw his fellow dungeon crawlers were fairly equipped, other than a brand new healing Druid. The tree apologized in advance, and Belmann said he’d pick up the heals if things went bad.

Off we go with our… Oddly… Equipped paladin tank. Second group of trash, the pull was somewhat ambitious, a mob got away, and ate the brain of the melée DPS for breakfast before Belmann melted it down. Whereon the tank spoke up:

“sorry, didn’t see I’d lost aggro, I was watching television”

We went on with no further mishaps, the new healer did fine with a little occasional help, and the paladin was much more reserved with his pulls.

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