Maybe not

Wherein Robert starts to come up against some bugs and irritations.

I’ve at least got my quotes working, by hitting the magic key, although I dread to see what MSIE makes of them, since the character encoding statements in the template that wind up building the header aren’t quite right. I’ve even sort of hidden the mail address, although any half-smart scum-sucking bottom-feeding spam mail harvester is still going to be able to get at it.

It looks like I get to play with the template that forms the overall structure, and the CSS that paints the template. Which means I should in theory be able to get this looking pretty spiffy, and still keep it nicely standards compliant. Thinking is in progress.

There are enough irritants so far though to make me a bit uneasy about going down this route. At least doing it by hand I have absolute control over what’s going on.

Posted: Mon - July 21, 2003 at 09:01 PM   The Occasional Masthead   Technology   Email Comments

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