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Here we go

We’ve talked about this for a long time in general terms. We’ve talked about it for most of the year in specific terms. And now, having booked plane tickets to fly out of Brisbane at 3:00 AM on November 25th, we’re talking about it in absolutely concrete terms.

I’m not counting down. I’ve promised to not count down. But my goodness there’s a lot to get done.

I am surprised how complicated it is to clear the house out in preparation for renting it. I would have thought that I would be overrun by people wanting cheap or free Stuff, but that’s not proving the case. Oh, I listed a lot of tools for ridiculously low prices, and most of that has gone, or is going. I’ve passed along a few books (and there’s another 98 listed available for the taking in this list. There’s a few simple things that I’ve done, or can do. The filing cabinet has been purged, and is gone, and most of the should-retain paper is boxed up. I’ll take all the CDs out of their cases and put them in sleeves in a small box. And probably do the same with DVDs. I know where the computers are going, and where I can store things.

But good grief, every time I look in a cupboard I think “what on earth will I do with this”.

Perhaps we should have a garage/house/porch sale. Put everything on the floor and say “take it, it’s yours”

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