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Just like buses

You wait forever, and then two turn up at the same time.

Which is what happened with job offers on Friday. In a couple of days time, when contracts have been signed, I’ll tell you which two companies, and why I chose one over the other, but suffice it to say that I found myself in the remarkable position of having two really good offers come in within a couple of hours of each other.

I’ve dealt with a lot of agencies and agents while I’ve been hunting for work in London. Most of them have been ok, a few of them have felt incredibly dodgy, and three of them proved to be very good. Maybe I’m biased since these were the ones that got me the best chances, but it did feel that these three companies seriously thought about my reported history and interests, and made intelligent and dedicated attempts to match that against client needs. So, some free advertising for them. If you’re looking for work here in London, I strongly suggest you talk to these guys and gals:

  • ABRS went out of their way to put interesting things in front of me;
  • Salt have a good focus on marketing candidates and helping candidates market themselves
  • Bearing have an excellent understanding of the market sectors they aim to service, and a good understanding of technology

I’d also like to throw some laurels in the direction of BITE Consulting. They’re a small shop, with a fairly specific aim – placing people into contract roles, generally folk sourced from the colonies – but the products they offer to contractors are extremely competitive and sensible. If I’d been pursuing contract work (which I would have turned to if these permanent positions hadn’t popped up), there is zero doubt in my mind that I would have worked through and with BITE.

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