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CSS3 Oops.

Revising my resumé as part of an overall overhaul of my site, I realised that the presentation on mobile devices was not very good. Fortunately since I last did anything major, CSS3 has become widely implemented, so Media Queries are now an option for degrading onto smaller screens. To my pleasure it did (eventually) just work, but I’m embarrassed to say that I spent a good hour wondering why it was not initially working. It would have helped if I’d remembered that CSS files are read from the top down…

On a side note, I’m quite disappointed in the behaviour of the Safari ‘responsive design mode’. While it does allow quick switching of window size, as far as I can tell apart from tinkering with the user agent string it does not register as a mobile device from the point of view of CSS. I’m hoping to find a better way of designing against mobile, because it’s definitely suboptimal to push changes to a server just so that I can test them on the phone.

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