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Workshop, Mark II

I’ve moved my workshop to a new location, which has the advantage of security, lower cost, and a far more pleasant location. Also, apparently it’s a studio now, if only I could either monetise it or adopt the life of a penniless bohemian starving artist.

Step one was, with the aid of some friends, to move everything from one location to another

and then scrape things up off the floor

I went back today and erected some IKEA shelves, and a table (out of shot), which brings me much closer to the target shape of the space:

The crappy shelves to the right of the image will be torn apart, and I will build a timber rack there. So at the moment the rough plan of action is:

  • get a saw-set so that I can properly sharpen the rip saws
  • sharpen all the saws
  • make the timber rack
  • make the arming rack for home

On this last, the studio complex runs a scheme where you can drop of items or materials you don’t have a need for, and they are free for the taking and re-use. This may work out well for me, as there are a number of more professional woodworkers and furniture makers on the site, and I’ve already scored some giant planks of oak that I will be able to cut down for the arming rack – it’s quite likely that I won’t need to purchase any timber at all for that project, as long as I’m happy to rip materials down to my desired dimensions.

I need the exercise.

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