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Give me a shell and a place to stand…

I was thinking yesterday “hmm, I seem to have more AWS KMS keys than I’m actually using”. But how to find them when they are scattered across regions?

AWS Cli to the rescue. A trivial bash script, and voila a list of KMS Key ARNs across my entire account:

for REGION in $(aws --profile $PROF ec2 describe-regions | jq -r '.Regions[].RegionName')
    aws --profile $PROF --region $REGION kms list-keys | jq '.Keys[].KeyArn'

The only complicated part was remembering how to use jq to parse JSON. The syntax for that never seems to stick in my head.

If you’re not in the habit of writing tiny shell scripts for automation — get the habit. The closer you get to the machine, the more power you have. Also — the lingua franca of Linux is ASCII text (ok, I guess technically UTF-8 now?) and getting comfortable piping results from one tool into another with appropriate text manipulation is a super power.

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