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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Poets and Madmen

Mr Johnson goes down to the crossroad, guitar case in hand, a midnight meeting to set the price of the colours to load his six string brush: a heart too brief beating. And Vincent sits beneath the stars, drinking whisky and singing his blue lonely song. He sees the clouds dance with the moon, singing […]


Stone walls old and soft edged, echo the chime of distant and blurred and faded slow bells tolling their slow tale, a tale that tells of passing time and vanished time: lost time. Blurring like endless days of summer, bells endlessly toil and tell and toll their chime pacing out their measure, laying down time […]

Terzanelle for a Mouse

Too quiet the house today for you are gone. Now all the rooms are larger, and empty, and echo to my heartbeat going on. I seldom heard, you lived so quietly, your soft songs that made a home from this house. Now all the rooms are larger, and empty. Fools will protest that you were […]