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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Sonnet for Hugo

Memory’s eye still sees you seated in your brave new racing flyer, cradled by shining riveted titanium skin, hair blowing, smile laughing, chasing the sky. Remember how in the darkest of times we would dance by the light of of Saturn’s moons, bending and swaying to the gentle chimes of Venusian sea belles’ strange soft […]


ticking tocking on for years faithful hands wound out the days ticking tocking grinding gears carving out the flow of days ticking tocking on for years a storm rises and the boat sinks and the clock just stops. a plane flies and a bomb falls and the clock just stops. the winding key is overwound […]

Fool’s Fortune

Paper pale faces wan and blankly gaze from worn-out eyes within tight folded hands. So deafly lost in the rhythm that plays their lives through the cycles that fate demands. Lie the pretty cards flat on the table, Order them in straight ranks and tidy rows. Turn the pretty cards to tell a fable of […]


I came to find my father here in this memorial quiet beneath the oaks. I came to find my father here in the faded photos proud and quiet framed. I came and found my father in every proud young soldier lost in that quiet parade.