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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Going fast, buy now

So the wheels on the great unannounced project have begun to turn, and I’m thinking I’ll let the cat out of the bag soon. Or introduce a mixed metaphor of unspecified gender and culturel heritage. To begin with, I definitely need to be disposing of a good number of goods that are cluttering the house […]

The Trouble With Passwords (Again)

Part of my efforts to grab my life by the corners and twist it into a different shape was a decision to switch my “primary” computer to be a laptop, rather than the ailing iMac. I’ve almost finished making that move, and have just a few things to move across from the old machine onto […]

Abbey Countdown

It’s really not long until the Abbey Medieval Festival. Every year it always comes around too quickly, but this year feels different. I really don’t have many things left to prepare, but in a large part that’s because I’ve decided not to attempt most of what is in the back log. Yes, ok, cryptic comments […]