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Monthly Archives: January 2012


A too frequent question over the past couple of weeks has been “what characterises Agile development for you?”, or some variant on that. Thinking about it this evening, I am struck by how much stuff has accumulated around what is a very simple, elegant manifesto. Go look at the WikiPedia article to see how much […]

Mirror World…

Someone, probably William Gibson speaking through Cayce Pollard, wrote about the Mirror World of travel. The notion that it is not the big differences that lend to a sense of unease, but the myriad small and barely noticeable differences. Like the shape of electrical outlets. An odd one for us, that we’re still getting used […]

Scope Creep

One thing that I’ve noticed over a quarter of a century of banging out code is how the expectations for what a coder will know has expanded enormously. When I began, the expectation was that you had an understanding of how computers roughly worked – the old CPU plus memory plus storage model that we’ve […]

Making a Mockery

As I’m back on the hunt for a job, I’m going back and brushing up on technologies I’ve not necessarily used for a while, out of interest as much as anything else. This has been enlivened somewhat by realising I didn’t have and IDEs or any other coding tools – other than Xcode and TextWrangler […]