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Monthly Archives: March 2013


The Original Reenactors Market. I’ve heard about this for quite a few years, and to an Australian the event has a somewhat mythical aspect, some mysterious fair that only occurs at solstice every seven years in a stone circle. The reality is quite a bit more mundane. First, the location. Sort of near Coventry. More […]

It’s only business.

It has become apparent that my frequent habit is to instruct the crew, if any, on each ship that I find myself on to depart the bridge until further notice. Alone, I dim the lights and sit looking out at the deep. While the crew busy themselves with whatever little busyness and pleasures that occupy […]

Awakening to a new dream.

It could be that I woke more than 30 days ago, but the unbroken tiles of memory pave no further than that. The claim that I came into existence ex nihilo capable of speech, thought or volition of movement defies rational examination. Still the fact remains that I cannot recall anything prior to the moment […]