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Thibault – with added diagrams

We heard that Thibault liked diagrams, so here are some diagrams about Thibault’s diagrams… Some years ago my partner-in-crime (and life) and I presented an introductory workshop on Thibault, and as part of preparing for that, they drew up some flowcharts for the relationships between the “circles” in Thibault’s plates, from Chapter 5 through Chapter […]

Some Background

An explanatory note around my apprehension about being a guest of Company of St George. There are two aspects. To begin with, in Australia the Company has a hallowed reputation, and is seen as the unobtainable gold standard for re-enactment. This was partly driven by the publication of the Dragons, and the ‘Medieval Soldier’ book. […]

Project progress.

I’m feeling a bit better about my prospects today, having been able to go some distance to sorting things out. I will build a project page on my main website to keep track of the project and update frequently here. Having said that, this weekend I will only be intermittently connected to the web.