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Category Archives: Living History

Cass Vs Rob

You can see in these two bits of video from the Glenn Lachlan boys what I meant about me not being patient and letting Cassian come to me – you can see the points where in my head I decide that I need to force the issue because it’s getting boring. Which is very silly […]

Swordplay ’11

So. Last weekend was the Swordplay ’11 event, over three days. A quick summary of the weekend: Friday – catching up with folk I’d not seen for a while, and having some fun play bouts – sword and targe versus sword and buckler with Tim was particularly amusing as I found it nigh impossible to […]

Review – Teaching and Interpreting Historical Swordsmanship

Brian R. Price, ed. ISBN 1-891448-46-3 This slim volume is very much a mixed batch. Reading it I could not quite decide if that was intentional, or the result of somewhat imprecise invitations to contribute, and I’m unlikely to ever know which it was. Brian Price put together this collection of essays from a very […]

Abbey Countdown

It’s really not long until the Abbey Medieval Festival. Every year it always comes around too quickly, but this year feels different. I really don’t have many things left to prepare, but in a large part that’s because I’ve decided not to attempt most of what is in the back log. Yes, ok, cryptic comments […]