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Sweet breath softly breathed slow and warm as sun warmed velvet. Caught breath sharply gasped fire ice diamond moments. Soft breath sweetly shared, fingertips brushing solemn paths. Held breath gently sighed hair tumbled and tangle grasped. Caught breath sharply gasped speeding ragged racing shattered! Sweet breath softly breathed hearts slowing, feet entwined. Held breath gently […]


Beware of falling objects. Babies and bombs, Apples and angels. A wakeful cynic suspects worlds laid in tombs, stopped in their travels struck down by malign effects of falling bombs and fallen angels.

Masquerade Ball

I make a leg and step into the dance, breath caught as winding steps their patterns weave. Let fall the dice and turn the cards of chance, drink deep the masque before I have to leave. Cut glass eyes tell tales not on soft red lips bow curved into smiles not reaching cold eyes. Between […]


A shimmering throng anxious to be seen, braided voices rising like honey smoke, stained glass walls smear light on faces and make a noisy shallow reef of the scene. Brightly coloured fish turning slip slidewise, hands gently waving while shattered glass guitars cut frames from the bricks and wrap them around stars, and they will […]

Hide and Seek

They say it was here she wove vanity into night-soft cloth, light as breath, beneath this time scraped olive tree. They say that dark bent path is lonely death, to be faced with sword, and life long red thread from her night-soft cloth, light as breath. They say it has a horrid shaggy head, foul […]


Keep on walking and don’t look back Although the road is overlong, A path through lands shouded in black: Your hope in life is broken song. Although the road is overlong With lyre in hand he risked it all. Your hope in life is broken song, A charm to break your dread love’s call With […]

Around the Cape

Once more the dutchman sails around the cape too far from shore to hear the breakers’ boom. No land fall, no lover’s call, no escape. Around the world he sets a marking tape, a silver shuttle through the wine dark loom, Once more the dutchman sails around the cape. Velvet storm-wracked nights a woven cloak […]

Sand Dunes

Grands of sand rise like the flight of small birds startled to the wing by the wind’s crisp snap, gently whispering lost and secret words tracing out ley lines not on any map. Tan sided dunes heave, sensuously glide and twine, flanks glistening in the hot light, broach and shoulder their way with vast slow […]


False dreams of false hopes. Rose soft gentle lips, warm and pliant arms, lithe and young beauty. Gone like soap bubbles in the harsh cold light. Too late and too old too old and too late

Sonnet for Hugo

Memory’s eye still sees you seated in your brave new racing flyer, cradled by shining riveted titanium skin, hair blowing, smile laughing, chasing the sky. Remember how in the darkest of times we would dance by the light of of Saturn’s moons, bending and swaying to the gentle chimes of Venusian sea belles’ strange soft […]