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Category Archives: Poetry


ticking tocking on for years faithful hands wound out the days ticking tocking grinding gears carving out the flow of days ticking tocking on for years a storm rises and the boat sinks and the clock just stops. a plane flies and a bomb falls and the clock just stops. the winding key is overwound […]

Fool’s Fortune

Paper pale faces wan and blankly gaze from worn-out eyes within tight folded hands. So deafly lost in the rhythm that plays their lives through the cycles that fate demands. Lie the pretty cards flat on the table, Order them in straight ranks and tidy rows. Turn the pretty cards to tell a fable of […]


I came to find my father here in this memorial quiet beneath the oaks. I came to find my father here in the faded photos proud and quiet framed. I came and found my father in every proud young soldier lost in that quiet parade.

Just Another Movie

And the hero tips back his hat, leans in his chair, puts his hand on his gun, kicks over the table, hurls the vilain through saloon-bar glass shoots him down dead shoots straight his head drops him down dead. And the villain’s last shot, wildly mis-aimed, comically untamed, strikes the piano player in the back. […]


Your cold eye is offended by the sight of me struggling for the most apt words. Close the door gently, and turn out the light. You treat my attempts like fresh steaming turds, with sinister glee deride the idea of me struggling for the most apt words. I have tried to make plain the things […]

Starry Night

Out in the cornfields sat Vincent and I listening to the music of a star that cut crystal lines across the blue sky, talking of how we came to where we are. I said it was fates we cannot deny, His clear mad answer did not sound bizarre: We are just sunbeams bounced from one […]

Poets and Madmen

Mr Johnson goes down to the crossroad, guitar case in hand, a midnight meeting to set the price of the colours to load his six string brush: a heart too brief beating. And Vincent sits beneath the stars, drinking whisky and singing his blue lonely song. He sees the clouds dance with the moon, singing […]


Stone walls old and soft edged, echo the chime of distant and blurred and faded slow bells tolling their slow tale, a tale that tells of passing time and vanished time: lost time. Blurring like endless days of summer, bells endlessly toil and tell and toll their chime pacing out their measure, laying down time […]

Terzanelle for a Mouse

Too quiet the house today for you are gone. Now all the rooms are larger, and empty, and echo to my heartbeat going on. I seldom heard, you lived so quietly, your soft songs that made a home from this house. Now all the rooms are larger, and empty. Fools will protest that you were […]

Pansies for thoughts

Pack away the foolish garments of youth. Neatly fold your dreams with tissue paper Between each fragile and faded layer, Sprinkled with rosemary, and rue, and truth. Stop chasing the hopes of your giddy youth. The time is past to meet Her, to move Her, To give violets, and take Her offer. You are old, […]