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Category Archives: Public Transport

Gill-Hank Progress

After pestering as many as people as I could, publicly, via Twitter by posting links to my previous, I finally have somebody admitting ownership of the unit: Dear Mr. Robert Hook, Following your message on Twitter regarding the charge point located at Cadogan Road West, please be advised that we have been reporting this charge […]

The Saga of Gill-Hank

Imagine, if you will, that you have arrived at a large and reasonably luxurious hotel, with a heavy bag in tow. The bag is not too much of a nuisance, it has wheels and so you can drag it along, but you sure wouldn’t want to have to carry it upstairs. You check in with […]

Woolwich to Old Street

I’ve been meaning to write up some of the routes I take through London. Or Mordor, as a cycling acquaintance calls it, which adds some frisson of terror to the whole exercise. One does not simply ride into London. I will try to pepper this with relevant Google street view pictures, but won’t be attempting […]

Two Wheels through The City

I’ve been quite ill, again, recently, and am still not fully recovered. Certainly not recovered enough for the walk from The Tower up to City Road to be a quick one, and not recovered enough to risk that ride. So for the past couple of days I’ve been pushing my scooter through The City. Haven’t […]

One of those days.

It’s been one of those. Long, frustrating, not particularly frustrating. Full of scary things and big things and things that throw big shadows. A real estate agent came through the house today do give me opinions of whether I could rent it out furnished or partially furnished or unfurnished. She left me handfuls of paper […]

Things I Won’t Miss: Item The Second

I was going to write a big rant about public transport in Brisbane, again, and even began writing one. But there’s really not much point. And I really should try to follow the dictum about remaining silent unless I have something nice to say. But I don’t. So here it is. My message to Translink, […]

Train FanBoy

It’s true: the Brisbane urban rail network and Translink SEQ do have fans. It’s just that I’m not one of them. Alright, that’s a bad pun, but the fans that have been and are being installed at Central station intrigue and irritate me. Something that I’ve learned over my time in IT is that small […]

Off the rails

One of the reasons why I threw financial caution into the blender and bought a laptop was to be able to use my morning and evening commutes to write, or at least return to writing, or at least attempt to return to attempting to write. There is a danger in publishing any of this though, […]

All in a twitter.

There has been some talk already regarding the use of Twitter as Brisbane sank beneath the waves. Unfortunately all the talk I’ve seen so far has limited itself to merely cheering that the service was marevelous (for example, some of the talk over at The Drum), without examining what worked and what did not. As […]