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Deserialising Lists with Jersey

I very much like the way in which Jackson and Jersey interact to make building a RESTful interface with objects transported as JSON really, really simple. As an example, if we have on the server side a class like this: then consuming the service is joyfully simple (note that this is a slightly fudged about […]

DynamoDB Local, Maven and JUnit

or, “how I fell into a deep morass of version discrepancies” Something I am working on at the moment is rolling in use of DynamoDB Local for integration tests. Now one thing I’ve noticed is that Amazon aren’t really drinking the Maven kool-aid. This generally isn’t a huge problem, as mostly it’s just a matter […]

When Typography Goes Bad

So I’ve just spent a very confused 15 minutes trying to figure out why something that cannot possibly go wrong was breaking. I’m working to get DynamoDBLocal up and running. It all looks very simple: download the tar ball, unpack it, and execute the Java invocation: java –Djava.library.path=. -jar DynamoDBLocal.jar Hmm. That’s odd: Error: Could […]

Domesticating Talend

We’ve started working with Talend, and specifically with the ‘big data’ point-and-drag IDE. I’m reasonably happy with it, it does pretty well what it says on the box, but the ability to integrate it’s output with our product and approach is not great. The intention of the product appears to be mainly to run the […]

Toward a vision of Sustainable Server Programming

For a number of years I’ve been thinking that I should write down some of the ideas I’ve had and lessons I’ve learned over way too many years banging on a keyboard. In my head this has has always been centered around the vague label “sustainable server development”. Let me try to peel away some […]

Amazon SWF, aspectj-maven-plugin and JaCoCo

Which could be subtitled as “6+ hours of my life I will never get back”. I’m leaving this here in case someone else finds it useful. The short story is thus: I’m working on a product using the Amazon Flow SDK, writing in Eclipse under Java 7. We use Maven and JaCoCo, and believe in […]

Eclipse, how I loathe thee

For something which is theoretically the industry standard, Eclipse remains profoundly buggy and unstable. Of course, the argument is that the reason the user experience is a nightmare of crashes and weird behaviour is that it’s the plugins that are broken, but that’s kind of like saying a car is substandard only because it has […]

Jetty and JNDI and Atomikos.

Yes yet another “hey I just found this out, so you need to know it too”. And by the way, if you do find this useful, I would really like you to comment on this post so that other people will find it too. I need to set up Jetty 8 to use a JTA […]


Ok. More adventures with open source. One of the things I’ve got on my (lengthy) list at the moment is to have a look at some light(er) weight servlet and J2EE containers. JBoss is giving me hives. You may be aware of that, I’ve mentioned it before. So the first one I wanted to look […]

Sharpening the tools

Before I packed it all up, I had a workshop habit that I suspect other makers of sawdust shared. Before embarking on any work, I would spend some time cleaning up the workshop area. I would make sure the bench was clean and clear, sweep the floor, check that tools were sharp and sharpen them […]