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Just like buses

You wait forever, and then two turn up at the same time. Which is what happened with job offers on Friday. In a couple of days time, when contracts have been signed, I’ll tell you which two companies, and why I chose one over the other, but suffice it to say that I found myself […]


A too frequent question over the past couple of weeks has been “what characterises Agile development for you?”, or some variant on that. Thinking about it this evening, I am struck by how much stuff has accumulated around what is a very simple, elegant manifesto. Go look at the WikiPedia article to see how much […]

Mirror World…

Someone, probably William Gibson speaking through Cayce Pollard, wrote about the Mirror World of travel. The notion that it is not the big differences that lend to a sense of unease, but the myriad small and barely noticeable differences. Like the shape of electrical outlets. An odd one for us, that we’re still getting used […]

Scope Creep

One thing that I’ve noticed over a quarter of a century of banging out code is how the expectations for what a coder will know has expanded enormously. When I began, the expectation was that you had an understanding of how computers roughly worked – the old CPU plus memory plus storage model that we’ve […]

Making a Mockery

As I’m back on the hunt for a job, I’m going back and brushing up on technologies I’ve not necessarily used for a while, out of interest as much as anything else. This has been enlivened somewhat by realising I didn’t have and IDEs or any other coding tools – other than Xcode and TextWrangler […]

Only if my hair is on fire.

I think I need to educate, or re-educate, my cow-orkers to understand what it means when I put on headphones while working. And there are one or two that I really need to tell that I cannot hear them if they come up behind me and speak softly to attract my attention. On the other […]

The Trouble With Passwords (Again)

Part of my efforts to grab my life by the corners and twist it into a different shape was a decision to switch my “primary” computer to be a laptop, rather than the ailing iMac. I’ve almost finished making that move, and have just a few things to move across from the old machine onto […]

All in a twitter.

There has been some talk already regarding the use of Twitter as Brisbane sank beneath the waves. Unfortunately all the talk I’ve seen so far has limited itself to merely cheering that the service was marevelous (for example, some of the talk over at The Drum), without examining what worked and what did not. As […]


I’m back to updating this site, and will soon publish a link on the main site page to it. For the time being, I’m transferring pieces from Deviant Art, backdating entries to roughly correspond to the publication date. It will be interesting to see how long this takes, as I’m testing the use of ecto […]

All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

Herewith the archetypal first post. This journal (at the time of writing barely configured) is not to be confused with Version 1 of The Occasional Masthead; The iBlog tests; The manually managed journal.