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First World Problems

So we have installed Rocki units in three rooms in the flat – the lounge, the bedroom, and the library. I just started playing a Clannad album from my laptop to the speakers in the lounge. Much to my bewilderment, a moment later a different album started playing in the bedroom. I thought it may have been […]

Up and down

Well I wore the new Sallet and boots today, both of which are great. We’ve been doing a light weight relaxed thing at Raglan Castle, including fighting in the hall. What’s not so good is that the scabbard I need to replace is now broken, meaning I can’t wear a sword easily tomorrow. Also the […]

The Wall

I went to the Imperial War Museum a few days ago – sadly it’s largely under construction at the moment, but should re-open in Summer 2014, so I can go back. Outside the front entrance is a section of the Berlin Wall. The side that faced the west: The side that faced the east: And […]

DynamoDB Local, Maven and JUnit

or, “how I fell into a deep morass of version discrepancies” Something I am working on at the moment is rolling in use of DynamoDB Local for integration tests. Now one thing I’ve noticed is that Amazon aren’t really drinking the Maven kool-aid. This generally isn’t a huge problem, as mostly it’s just a matter […]


Yeah. So I seem completely unable to make any headway in the game. I am losing money faster than I earn it, and the only thing that is an income is mining, which is not interesting. I know it’s only a game, and only Internet spaceships, but right now it feels like its a systematic […]

A Moment Of Perfect Beauty

Inside La Sagrada Familia. More to follow when I sort out photos.

Casa de Billy

The interior and feel of the hotel is intimate, elegant and deeply relaxing. It feels more like staying at someone’s house than a hotel. We cannot recommend it highly enough.

In the park

Barcelona has free wifi in some public spaces. We have wandered into a big park en route to the Picasso Museum via tapas. This is a pretty cool town.

Good morning Barcelona

The view from our window at Casa de Billy


We are about to go on a tour of the Noble Art of The Sword at the Wallace Collection with Toby Capwell the curator, followed by dinner. Let me just say we like the Wallace greatly.