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Category Archives: Woodwork

Workshop, Mark II

I’ve moved my workshop to a new location, which has the advantage of security, lower cost, and a far more pleasant location. Also, apparently it’s a studio now, if only I could either monetise it or adopt the life of a penniless bohemian starving artist.

Making sawdust

I finally got a chance to spend a few hours in the workshop last night and progress some pieces. My current focus is to finish setting up the workshop, and to make a cat-run for the balcony, both of which are grinding along slowly.

Making sawdust

Finally got to spend some time in the shed – interspersed with dealing with the dog , and a bunch of running around. We got the roof rack on the Panda early Saturday morning, went Wickes (which is the English equivalent of the Australian Bunnings) and loaded up the roof rack with ½” ply and […]

Cheaper Than Therapy

I’ve finally – thanks to Delia seeing something on Facebook – gotten a lease on a space that I can use as a workshop. It’s a few minutes bike ride up the Thames, in a converted shipping container (or rather two, joined together). The rent is reasonable, and the space is probably more than I […]