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Category Archives: Work

Domesticating Talend

We’ve started working with Talend, and specifically with the ‘big data’ point-and-drag IDE. I’m reasonably happy with it, it does pretty well what it says on the box, but the ability to integrate it’s output with our product and approach is not great. The intention of the product appears to be mainly to run the […]

Toward a vision of Sustainable Server Programming

For a number of years I’ve been thinking that I should write down some of the ideas I’ve had and lessons I’ve learned over way too many years banging on a keyboard. In my head this has has always been centered around the vague label “sustainable server development”. Let me try to peel away some […]

Amazon SWF, aspectj-maven-plugin and JaCoCo

Which could be subtitled as “6+ hours of my life I will never get back”. I’m leaving this here in case someone else finds it useful. The short story is thus: I’m working on a product using the Amazon Flow SDK, writing in Eclipse under Java 7. We use Maven and JaCoCo, and believe in […]

Eclipse, how I loathe thee

For something which is theoretically the industry standard, Eclipse remains profoundly buggy and unstable. Of course, the argument is that the reason the user experience is a nightmare of crashes and weird behaviour is that it’s the plugins that are broken, but that’s kind of like saying a car is substandard only because it has […]

Eight, Eight and Eight

The great fight for labour relations and working conditions in the 19th Century was for the Eight Hour Day. Eight hours work, Eight hours sleep, Eight hours leisure. That was the target, and for most people in the industrialised west this was achieved in the 1970s and 80s. Generally. So what has happened since, in […]