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Over the years, I have constructed a wide variety of artefacts for Medieval and Renaissance Living History, often on a commission basis. I worked primarily in wood, fabric and leather, and was open to assisting with drafting patterns and designs, and fabricating late period men’s garments.

Alas, my work situation has evolved to the point where it is not feasible for me to offer assistance on a commercial basis, and I will restrict myself to making things for myself, and my friends as gifts.

My current stream of activity can be found at The Occasional Masthead tagged as “Living History”, but in particular I‘m working hard to do a major revamp of my kit in a hurry, documented at Project Schaffhouse.

Organisations and activities

I have been involved with living history since 1996 in one form or another, beginning initially with the late-14th century group Knights Order of Lion Rampant before joining Richard IIIrd Society Queensland and moving into late-15th century Burgundian with The Sable Rose. I have dabbled in dark-age living history, and will continue this as a side activity as appropriate. I spent some time with Collegium in Armis, and have been a very active contributor to the organisation of the Abbey Medieval Tournament. The last few years in Australia I concentrated almost exclusively on learning renaissance fencing based with Prima Spada.

Since coming to the UK I have become involved in three streams (so far!) of re-enactment. For my 15th century fun I've joined up with the Beaufort Comapnye, and will be working to flesh out my presentation persona as a military veteran and professional swordsman. On a less martial and more refined note, I am a member of History Reenactment Workshop, specialising in Tudor and Stuart living history. Finally, to fill in the few remaining weekends I've begun doing some WWII period presentations with the living history team of Firepower, the Royal Artillery Museum as it's just around the corner from where I live.

Artefacts and pasttimes

Articles and Papers

Various articles and papers written or presented:


Unfortunately I have very few good photos from my various living history activities, so far. It’s almost impossible to organise shots myself on the day, and I find that members of the public seldom, if ever, send shots even in this age of digital photography. So I apologise for the poor quality of a lot of the early shots, and hope to follow them up later with a better set of staged shots.

to be completed...



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