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Every Little Damned Thing

I wasn’t going to count down, and I’m trying desperately to not close down, but today is the 1st of November. And every damned little thing that can go wrong, does go wrong.

I have to replace the electric stove, and am replacing the electric stove, since the old one is old and not working well. So I went on Saturday morning to a factory seconds white goods place, and got a simple cheap stove. But I cannot install it myself, because this is Australia, and we need electricians to do that, so I arranged for the stove to be delivered this afternoon, and for the electrician to come later this evening.

Except it’s now after 5:00 and the stove hasn’t turned up and the company closed for the day at 4:30 and the driver has not, as promised, rung to indicate when he would arrive.

And I took the afternoon of work to be here, and am dealing with several significant faults at work, across VPN and mail and chat.

The way things are looking at the moment, the following is probable:

1) the electrician will arrive and the stove won’t be here, so I’ll get charged for him doing nothing, and then have to wait days to get him back again;

2) I will need to work on the weekend or do a 12-16 hour day tomorrow, working into the night, to make up time.

Why does every part of dealing with getting out of this house and onto a plane turn into a nightmare just because third parties cannot turn up on time, will not make allowances for their customers working full time jobs, and charge me hugely for the privilege.

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