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Not Counting Down

Still not counting down. It’s been a productive week, helped along by having set myself a calendar of tasks for the week, and having met all the goals so far. Today’s effort is a good example of the sort of day I”ve been having for a long time, but particularly this week as we get very close.

Up early, coffee, left over paella. Check how much paint I have, walk down the street to buy cheap brushes and some decking oil. Spent the morning in the heat painting the front porch, the back stair rails, and the rails around the front porch. The nice thing about the heat was that it dried very quickly, and I’m pleased with how much of an improvement to the appearance of the house such a simple thing has made.

Then I went mad with the decking oil and drenched the front and back stairs – both are unpainted natural timber since I had them repaired, and the oil will keep them as protected as paint ever will. I also managed to get oil and paint in my hair, up my nose, in my ear and all over my clothes. But it’s done.

I also cleared out the study, other than the remaining computer, and we carted boxes up to the storage unit, boxes to Delia’s parent’s house, and still had time to stop for Gerbinos for gelati on the way back.

Finally I sat down with everything that was potentially to be packed into my daypack, put it in, took it out, reduced it, put it back in again, and poked around to confirm that it was actually functional and that I was not taking things too phenomenally dumb.

Now, the sound of crickets and cicadas, and possums thumping on the roof. Barking geckos, finally a cooling breeze, a glass of wine and some goats-milk cheese.

This is going to work.

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