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Now I’m counting

There’s less than a week left now, and I would like to feel more excited and enthralled, rather than inanimate and slightly broiled. I’m blessing the air conditioning that has been repaired, and hideous expense, just in time for me to leave, as every opportunity sees me sitting in shorts and shirt in a room chilled to 20 C, hoping that my brain will soon start working again.

Our departure party was quite successful, and I was pleased that we drank or disposed of a very large amount of mead, and that the locusts swept through the box-of-stuff and took most of it away.

The packing is almost complete, although it appears completion can only be approach asymptotically and never actually attained. Some critical point was passed in the past few days, a phase change, a crisis, as the number of items on my to-do list fell rather than rising.

Giving away items has proved to be one of the most complex parts of this whole exercise, although spending a disturbing amount with tradesmen to make the house liveable has not been fun either.

What has bewildered and frustrated me most is that people who are getting Free Stuff can be so difficult about actually coming and picking it up. Ok, I do know that I get a benefit from them taking it away, it’s stuff that otherwise I have to lug off to Lifeline or St Vincent de Paul, but the lounge is still an Aladdin’s cave of items with name tags on them, waiting for someone to come and pick up whatever artefact the tag is attached to.

Frankly it’s going to be a relief tomorrow when I take whatever is not being packed for shipping, and not being packed into our backpacks, and take it to some charity. So if you were totally gonna get it sometime real soon now… too late.