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Boxing On

Today’s goals are to cart boxes up to the storage unit, inventory the storage unit (a task which will be made difficult by it being full of boxes), and cart things in boxes off to Lifeline.

Oh, and a lot of washing, vacuuming, dusting, vacuuming and washing.

The infuriating thing about boxes is how difficult and expensive they are proving. So far we have found exactly one place – Bunnings – that has left-over cardboard boxes for the taking and using. It’s called recycling. This morning, not wanting to make the lengthy drive over and back, I went down to our local shopping mall. Not one, but three stores that I approached told me that it was not their policy to recycle boxes this way, that all their boxes had to be flattened according to policy and placed in the recycling bins according to policy. And that I could buy some archive boxes made out of recycled boxes. Well done Coles, Kmart and Choice.

I estimate I’ve spent around $250 on cardboard boxes, tape, bubble wrap and sundry packing stuff over the past couple of months. I shall treasure these boxes when they arrive, and carefully preserve them for re-use. According to policy. Maybe I can sell them at a profit.

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