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Thibault – with added diagrams

We heard that Thibault liked diagrams, so here are some diagrams about Thibault’s diagrams…

Some years ago my partner-in-crime (and life) and I presented an introductory workshop on Thibault, and as part of preparing for that, they drew up some flowcharts for the relationships between the “circles” in Thibault’s plates, from Chapter 5 through Chapter 8.

There’s not much point in doing the same for the earlier chapters, as the diagrams in those chapters are unambiguous and straight-forwardly linear. Dashed lines are places where Thibault suggests a possible continuation of the action, but solid lines are where the action/posture directly continues on from the previous circle.

Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

Now that life and available time is returning to some normality, we’re hoping to pick up the threads on this Thibault project again, and continue writing our interpretations / glosses on the chapters.

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