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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Things I will miss, Item the Second

I might miss Brisbane’s facades and buildings. None of it is very old, and much of it is pretty plain, but if you look up as you walk around you’ll see all these facades from before 1920, often with lovely typography on their signs, often with gargoyles or decals, and ferns and grass growing from […]

Can has Visa?

I’m fairly sure that I would have found it easier to wash up at Brighton as an illegal immigrant seeking political asylum from a capricious and repressive regime (which I suspect it will be under Prime Minister Abbot) than it is to seek a visa legitimately. It has been a long, fraught journey, and it’s […]

Swordplay ’11 From Around The Interwebz

There’s been some questions about how Swordplay ’11 went, so I’ll dump some quick links here to things that other folk have already said. To begin with, Chris Slee has done a great write up saying pretty well everything I’ve either already said, or was going to say. Which saves me saying it. Scott MacDonald […]

One of those days.

It’s been one of those. Long, frustrating, not particularly frustrating. Full of scary things and big things and things that throw big shadows. A real estate agent came through the house today do give me opinions of whether I could rent it out furnished or partially furnished or unfurnished. She left me handfuls of paper […]

Only if my hair is on fire.

I think I need to educate, or re-educate, my cow-orkers to understand what it means when I put on headphones while working. And there are one or two that I really need to tell that I cannot hear them if they come up behind me and speak softly to attract my attention. On the other […]

Cass Vs Rob

You can see in these two bits of video from the Glenn Lachlan boys what I meant about me not being patient and letting Cassian come to me – you can see the points where in my head I decide that I need to force the issue because it’s getting boring. Which is very silly […]

Swordplay ’11

So. Last weekend was the Swordplay ’11 event, over three days. A quick summary of the weekend: Friday – catching up with folk I’d not seen for a while, and having some fun play bouts – sword and targe versus sword and buckler with Tim was particularly amusing as I found it nigh impossible to […]

Things I Won’t Miss: Item The Second

I was going to write a big rant about public transport in Brisbane, again, and even began writing one. But there’s really not much point. And I really should try to follow the dictum about remaining silent unless I have something nice to say. But I don’t. So here it is. My message to Translink, […]