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Monthly Archives: October 2011

And another thing.

The unrelenting, constant, overwhelming, repeated negativity. Is it a Brisbane thing, an Australian thing, a human thing, or just the habit of those I know? I’m on a very short count down to the evening where I go through customs and onto a plane, and fly away into a new life. I know that I […]

Another Thing I Won’t Miss

Politics. The particular small-town, small-mind politics that is a characteristic of Brisbane. Oh, I know that there’s going to be small-town, small-mind politics wherever I go, but it’s the politics of Brisbane that I’m well and truly over. I don’t know what it is about this town. It may be the oft-referred to swift transition […]

This is how it is.

Recent weeks, and recent days, suggest strongly to me that most folk just really don’t grasp what I’m doing. This business of me folding my tents and vanishing into the night is not simple, or trivial, and particularly not temporary. Let’s talk about the effort involved, to start with. It’s not about packing, and buying […]