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Monthly Archives: November 2012


A pause for breath… And at this point I descend into a list of things to remind me of what we did. Photos will, in time, show up: I am writing this on an iPad and so far have not found a convenient way of selecting certain photos for publication and excluding others. Also, some […]

A Moment Of Perfect Beauty

Inside La Sagrada Familia. More to follow when I sort out photos.

Casa de Billy

The interior and feel of the hotel is intimate, elegant and deeply relaxing. It feels more like staying at someone’s house than a hotel. We cannot recommend it highly enough.


Another day characterised by walking and food. We tried to go to the really good, and the really really good tapas places that we keep getting recommended, but they were impossibly packed out. Instead we wound up at Matamala, which was pretty up market and does Catalan slow food. A bit pricey for what we […]

In the park

Barcelona has free wifi in some public spaces. We have wandered into a big park en route to the Picasso Museum via tapas. This is a pretty cool town.

Hola Barcelona

Right now it is close to sunset at the end of our first full day in Barcelona. I’m lying on the couch of the charmingly twee Casa de Billy, while the roar of traffic comes up from the Gran Via. It has a more elaborate name, but all the signs just say Gran Via, one […]

Good morning Barcelona

The view from our window at Casa de Billy


We are off again! I could grow to like this traveling stuff. But airport food…