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Shoes Sorted Out

Thanks to Peter from Plantagenet Shoes, I now have a lovely pair of his 15th C buckled knee boots. While his waiting list for new orders is quite long, by a stroke of fortune he had a pair already made, and has had my feet in his records (as it were) from when he made […]

Resource List

I don’t know how up-to-date this is, but Ian from HRW set me on a Google search which showed up which I did not know existed. Tonight I’ll start grovelling over it, although Ian has recommended Cloth Hall for wool.  


Yes! I do have enough of the decent linen to make another shirt. I may make an arming cap at some stage too.

Project Progress

I was out of communications range over the weekend, but made some notes. While I could not communicate with anyone, I was able to re-read the costuming guide more deeply, and have a think. 4 May 2014 13:53  Quite frustrated at not being able to get any reliable connection – or power – at the moment, […]

Some Background

An explanatory note around my apprehension about being a guest of Company of St George. There are two aspects. To begin with, in Australia the Company has a hallowed reputation, and is seen as the unobtainable gold standard for re-enactment. This was partly driven by the publication of the Dragons, and the ‘Medieval Soldier’ book. […]

The Schaffhouse Project

This is the other project. The Company of St George has invited me to take part in an event in Schaffhouse, in late July (yes, I know it’s just May now). And the prospect has me, frankly, terrified. For me this is kind of like someone who occasionally sings a bit being invited to perform […]