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On “fencing”…

“So you do fencing then?” Sigh. Yes, that question again. How best to explain what I actually do? Let us set a scene. It is important that you, the reader, try to place yourself into the first person view here, and enter this scene. After all it is 2016, and VR is The Next Big […]

The Perfect Shoe

I’ve been thinking about shoes lately, specifically shoes for HEMA. Now, for any chance of deciphering this rambling rant, the reader needs the context. When I was young and more foolish than I am now, I buggered up my right knee. This was not a world changing, oh my god there is blood everywhere kind […]

The perfect (sword) bag

One day I will be happy, because I will have found the perfect bag to carry everything in. Meanwhile, I remain miserable, making do with a mixture of bags.


I did say that I would try to write something each Tuesday after training at what is now The Sword, London, so here we go. More work on stepping and footwork last night, and it feels like it is starting to come together, although I must say it only feels natural to me with a […]


I popped back to the Wallace to have another look at the plates from Thibault that Dave R was demonstrating here. (and just spent 10 minutes explaining it all to an American actor) They key point of the plates for me is that Thibault’s turn is very much on the spot, but crucially is only […]


We are about to go on a tour of the Noble Art of The Sword at the Wallace Collection with Toby Capwell the curator, followed by dinner. Let me just say we like the Wallace greatly.

Bigger Steps

I decided last night as I took the train home from training (the training train?) that one way to help cement each evenings training would be to write about it. Simply recounting what we did will be of limited use, so rather I need to consider how I reacted to the training each evening. We focused […]

Swordplay ’11 From Around The Interwebz

There’s been some questions about how Swordplay ’11 went, so I’ll dump some quick links here to things that other folk have already said. To begin with, Chris Slee has done a great write up saying pretty well everything I’ve either already said, or was going to say. Which saves me saying it. Scott MacDonald […]

Cass Vs Rob

You can see in these two bits of video from the Glenn Lachlan boys what I meant about me not being patient and letting Cassian come to me – you can see the points where in my head I decide that I need to force the issue because it’s getting boring. Which is very silly […]

Swordplay ’11

So. Last weekend was the Swordplay ’11 event, over three days. A quick summary of the weekend: Friday – catching up with folk I’d not seen for a while, and having some fun play bouts – sword and targe versus sword and buckler with Tim was particularly amusing as I found it nigh impossible to […]