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Category Archives: Living History

Thibault – Introduction

I have in recent weeks began re-reading Academie de l’Espee by Gerard Thibault d’Anvers, for a variety of reasons. Sadly my virtually non-existent French means I am reading the 2005 translation by John Michael Greer. To my surprise and delight, re-reading after having left it alone for several years I find it opening up for me, […]

On “fencing”…

“So you do fencing then?” Sigh. Yes, that question again. How best to explain what I actually do? Let us set a scene. It is important that you, the reader, try to place yourself into the first person view here, and enter this scene. After all it is 2016, and VR is The Next Big […]

The Perfect Shoe

I’ve been thinking about shoes lately, specifically shoes for HEMA. Now, for any chance of deciphering this rambling rant, the reader needs the context. When I was young and more foolish than I am now, I buggered up my right knee. This was not a world changing, oh my god there is blood everywhere kind […]

York To Towton

The march to Towton Work pressures and logistical problems meant that I did not get to do the inaugural (well, second, technically) march from York to Towton in 2014. This year we did make it, and on reflection it feels like after many years my kit – our kit – is almost complete and correct.

The perfect (sword) bag

One day I will be happy, because I will have found the perfect bag to carry everything in. Meanwhile, I remain miserable, making do with a mixture of bags.

Up and down

Well I wore the new Sallet and boots today, both of which are great. We’ve been doing a light weight relaxed thing at Raglan Castle, including fighting in the hall. What’s not so good is that the scabbard I need to replace is now broken, meaning I can’t wear a sword easily tomorrow. Also the […]

Shoes Sorted Out

Thanks to Peter from Plantagenet Shoes, I now have a lovely pair of his 15th C buckled knee boots. While his waiting list for new orders is quite long, by a stroke of fortune he had a pair already made, and has had my feet in his records (as it were) from when he made […]

Resource List

I don’t know how up-to-date this is, but Ian from HRW set me on a Google search which showed up which I did not know existed. Tonight I’ll start grovelling over it, although Ian has recommended Cloth Hall for wool.  


Yes! I do have enough of the decent linen to make another shirt. I may make an arming cap at some stage too.

Project Progress

I was out of communications range over the weekend, but made some notes. While I could not communicate with anyone, I was able to re-read the costuming guide more deeply, and have a think. 4 May 2014 13:53  Quite frustrated at not being able to get any reliable connection – or power – at the moment, […]