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I have, once again, felt stuck, spinning my wheels in the mud. There is an unpleasant, and possibly vicious, cycle at play here in my head: my planning falls apart, I feel like I am not getting anything done, my anxiety spikes, I cannot plan cogently. Repeat and repeat and repeat like some damned overwrought […]

A man is not dead while his name is still spoken.

Something I have been meaning to do for quite a time is to take up the idea of keeping PTerry’s name alive by adding the X-Clacks-Overhead header to parts of this site. Even if it is only in the overhead: GNU Terry Pratchett.

An Open Letter to Australia.

If you believe adult asylum seekers are not, entitled to their claims, to they should be “sent back to where they came from”, or they are “queue jumpers”: If you do not say to the elected Australian Government that this is wrong, then you are tacitly supporting this treatment of children Would you like your […]

Journalled Out

I’ve been thinking in recent days that I could use something journal-ish. There are two aspects to this thinking. For one, I tend to accumulate documents and links to things that will probably be useful someday, or I want to remember short-term, but they get smeared everywhere. Bookmarks across several machines and browsers, text documents […]

Going Backwards

So one of the things that showed up in the bundle of mail I received on the weekend was the annual statement from my Superannuation fund. In Australia there is a compulsory scheme, where part of your salary is stuffed into a super fund, locked away until you retire (or die). This has made a […]

Sharpening the tools

Before I packed it all up, I had a workshop habit that I suspect other makers of sawdust shared. Before embarking on any work, I would spend some time cleaning up the workshop area. I would make sure the bench was clean and clear, sweep the floor, check that tools were sharp and sharpen them […]

Just like buses

You wait forever, and then two turn up at the same time. Which is what happened with job offers on Friday. In a couple of days time, when contracts have been signed, I’ll tell you which two companies, and why I chose one over the other, but suffice it to say that I found myself […]

Boxing On

Today’s goals are to cart boxes up to the storage unit, inventory the storage unit (a task which will be made difficult by it being full of boxes), and cart things in boxes off to Lifeline. Oh, and a lot of washing, vacuuming, dusting, vacuuming and washing. The infuriating thing about boxes is how difficult […]

Now I’m counting

There’s less than a week left now, and I would like to feel more excited and enthralled, rather than inanimate and slightly broiled. I’m blessing the air conditioning that has been repaired, and hideous expense, just in time for me to leave, as every opportunity sees me sitting in shorts and shirt in a room […]

Not Counting Down

Still not counting down. It’s been a productive week, helped along by having set myself a calendar of tasks for the week, and having met all the goals so far. Today’s effort is a good example of the sort of day I”ve been having for a long time, but particularly this week as we get […]