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Three Weird Things

I am still desperately trying to not count down days, although we’re getting very close to leaving. Packing and preparation is going ok since we stopped work on Friday, and it looks like we are on track to being essentially finished packing at the end of this week, with an avowed intention to do very […]

Something I’ll miss

I will probably miss good coffee, at least in the short term. The coffee culture of Brisbane is no match for that found in the center of Melbourne, but far outstrips that of pretty well anywhere I’ve been in Sydney. Sorry Sydney, but you make lousy coffee. It shouldn’t be hard to make good coffee […]

On My Shoulders

I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time looking at and for bags. Something drives me toward a Shangri-La where the perfect bag for all occasions rests in a temple, waiting for me to pack it with all I need, forever simplifying and organising my life. Of course the reality is that I asymptocically […]

Every Little Damned Thing

I wasn’t going to count down, and I’m trying desperately to not close down, but today is the 1st of November. And every damned little thing that can go wrong, does go wrong. I have to replace the electric stove, and am replacing the electric stove, since the old one is old and not working […]

And another thing.

The unrelenting, constant, overwhelming, repeated negativity. Is it a Brisbane thing, an Australian thing, a human thing, or just the habit of those I know? I’m on a very short count down to the evening where I go through customs and onto a plane, and fly away into a new life. I know that I […]

Another Thing I Won’t Miss

Politics. The particular small-town, small-mind politics that is a characteristic of Brisbane. Oh, I know that there’s going to be small-town, small-mind politics wherever I go, but it’s the politics of Brisbane that I’m well and truly over. I don’t know what it is about this town. It may be the oft-referred to swift transition […]

This is how it is.

Recent weeks, and recent days, suggest strongly to me that most folk just really don’t grasp what I’m doing. This business of me folding my tents and vanishing into the night is not simple, or trivial, and particularly not temporary. Let’s talk about the effort involved, to start with. It’s not about packing, and buying […]

Things I will miss, Item the Second

I might miss Brisbane’s facades and buildings. None of it is very old, and much of it is pretty plain, but if you look up as you walk around you’ll see all these facades from before 1920, often with lovely typography on their signs, often with gargoyles or decals, and ferns and grass growing from […]

Can has Visa?

I’m fairly sure that I would have found it easier to wash up at Brighton as an illegal immigrant seeking political asylum from a capricious and repressive regime (which I suspect it will be under Prime Minister Abbot) than it is to seek a visa legitimately. It has been a long, fraught journey, and it’s […]

One of those days.

It’s been one of those. Long, frustrating, not particularly frustrating. Full of scary things and big things and things that throw big shadows. A real estate agent came through the house today do give me opinions of whether I could rent it out furnished or partially furnished or unfurnished. She left me handfuls of paper […]