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Category Archives: Poetry

Love Song

neither rose nor summer’s day, in seeing you i see you.


And at the end I wonder whose face you saw when you closed your eyes. And at the end I wonder if anything you said was ever true. And at the end I wonder how much planned or if you had fun. And at the end I wonder why I thought maybe you would not […]

Skinny Legs

Skinny legs and a short, short skirt. Balancing on your brand new heels you twine your hair, lean in to flirt, tell him you know just how it feels. Balancing on your brand new heels, hand on his shoulder, brush his cheek, tell him you know just how he feels, coyly hint that it’s him […]


The girl on the swing soars and falls, catches late, flies over the crowd. All the women want to be her, and all the men to be with her. Steel rope arms cross and then unfold, point apple hard breasts to the lights, and all the men want to be with her. All the women […]

In vino veritas

Should I flatter you with flowered phrases plucked from the lines of a thousand love songs? Should I prate lyrics about your graces, mope wanly, say where the heart belongs? Should I send flowers, buy chocolates, and drinks, try the games of chance, win carnival toys? Should I hurl myself toward maudlin brinks, in short […]

Friday Night

Dying moth dancers beat against the light as fat bass rhythms spill out of the bars, faces raised in hope tumble through the night Red eyed girls straighten their Friday night tights, cradle broken heart songs splayed on guitars. Dying moth dancers beat against the lights Boy-men drunk on heat and rum lurch, fall, fight, […]

Summer Storms

Don’t sing me songs of summer storms and sweat Or of passionate dances in the rain. Night time thunder makes me yearn to forget The soft voice murmuring soft love’s refrain. No soft winds tossing darling buds of May, Give me robust humbling green giants Upturning cars, peeling houses in play, A tossed scatter of […]


This promised mask shows true promise’s face, A gift unsought given with open heart. The masque continues with an empty space, This mask a way for you to dance your part. Within the masque masked Harlequin prances, dances with passion, makes the dance too hard, madly grins, rolls the dice, takes his chances hides a […]

A Comedy

Harlequin watches the rippling moon drifting east downstream to paint the ocean, breathes a Pierrot sigh, thinks that too soon this face that mirrors face will fade again. Harlequin whistles, strikes a cheerful pose, smooths gaudy feather, adjusts jaunty hat, twists a moonstruck dancing step as he goes artlessly strolling callous as a cat. Harlequin […]

Sweet Sorrow

Too soon crows pull on their dusty jackets. Coughing and shuffling they rise before dawn, shouting their “good mornings” across the lawn, and I must wake and rise and leave a kiss. Too soon commuter cars squeal their tyres. Stamping hooves and shaking their manes they yawn and by fresh cut daylight leap and are […]