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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Toward a vision of Sustainable Server Programming

For a number of years I’ve been thinking that I should write down some of the ideas I’ve had and lessons I’ve learned over way too many years banging on a keyboard. In my head this has has always been centered around the vague label “sustainable server development”. Let me try to peel away some […]

Amazon SWF, aspectj-maven-plugin and JaCoCo

Which could be subtitled as “6+ hours of my life I will never get back”. I’m leaving this here in case someone else finds it useful. The short story is thus: I’m working on a product using the Amazon Flow SDK, writing in Eclipse under Java 7. We use Maven and JaCoCo, and believe in […]

Eclipse, how I loathe thee

For something which is theoretically the industry standard, Eclipse remains profoundly buggy and unstable. Of course, the argument is that the reason the user experience is a nightmare of crashes and weird behaviour is that it’s the plugins that are broken, but that’s kind of like saying a car is substandard only because it has […]